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What to Expect from an EKG

An electrocardiogram, also called an ECG or EKG, is a non-invasive test that measures your heart rhythm. It can be used to detect a number of different health issues, from arrhythmias to blocked arteries and structural issues. At Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic, we may use an EKG as part of our initial weight loss consultation to help find the best program for you to lose weight. If you are scheduled for an EKG, here is a look at what you can expect.

The EKG Process

EKGs are painless and relatively quick tests. The test will start with you lying on an examination table. The technician will attach a series of electrodes to your chest and in some cases your limbs. The electrodes have sticky patches that help them stay in place, and in some cases the technician may have to shave body hair so that the patches will stick. Each electrode has a wire that runs from it to a monitor. When the technician turns the monitor on to begin recording, you will need to stay very still and avoid talking, which could interfere with the test results. Your technician will also make sure you are warm so that you don’t shiver. EKGs generally take about 10 minutes, although your test could be longer or shorter. Throughout the test, the electrodes will record your heartbeat and transfer information about its pattern to the monitor, which will record it for your doctor to study.

After the Test

EKG test results are available immediately. Typically, you will find out the results of your EKG during the same appointment. The doctor will use the information on the EKG to make decisions about the right weight loss program for you, including whether you should take appetite suppressants or if you need further medical tests to diagnose an underlying medical condition.

At Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic, we use a variety of tools to support your weight loss efforts and ensure that you reach and maintain your goal weight in a healthy way. To find out more about our medical weight loss plan in Frisco, please call (972) 762-3403.

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