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Inspiration for Your Weight Loss Support Group

If you’ve joined a medical weight loss program, you’re already off to a great start to improve your wellness and quality of life. But in addition to the support you’ll receive from your one-on-one consultations with a medical weight loss provider, it’s a good idea to join a support group. You might be asked to contribute topic ideas to the group. Find your inspiration from the issues you’re dealing with, such as goal-setting for your weight loss program. Each group member can choose one actionable, specific goal each week, such as walking for 30 minutes on five days out of the week.

Another great topic idea is to designate one meeting as a recipe swap. Bring your favorite, low-calorie recipes to share with the group. To cut down on paper waste, your group might want to share the recipes as an email attachment or share links to the recipes if they are online.

For all the inspiration you need to reach your weight loss goals, you can turn to Texas Medical Weight Loss Center. Give us a call today at (972) 762-3403 to set up a consult at our weight loss clinic serving Frisco.

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