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Tips for Finding a Great Workout Buddy

Physical activity is essential for a healthy lifestyle. When you first start a medical weight loss program, you’ll begin with a low-intensity workout routine. Over time, you’ll gradually increase its intensity and duration to improve your physical fitness. By itself, exercise doesn’t contribute significantly to weight loss. However, it can make a significant difference in your weight maintenance program. Finding a great workout buddy can help you stay motivated and hold you accountable to your fitness routine.

Workout Goals

Your workout goal should be one of the factors to consider when choosing a workout buddy. After all, bodybuilders probably don’t usually work out with marathon runners. Since you’ve joined a medical weight loss program, it makes sense to look for a workout buddy whose primary goal is also to lose weight. Ideally, the two of you will enjoy the same types of workouts. Of course, it’s always a good idea to branch out and try new exercises, but the two of you probably aren’t compatible if you love to cycle and your workout buddy is afraid of getting on a bike.

Fitness Levels

Workout partnerships work best when both people are at roughly the same fitness level. If you’re just starting out on a running routine and your friend is an ultramarathon enthusiast, neither of you will benefit much from forming a workout partnership.

Workout Schedules

Scheduling can be one of the toughest issues to nail down when working out with a friend. Some people have strong preferences about working out in the morning versus in the evening. Make sure your workout buddy can commit to the same general times and days as you.

Multiple Partners

If the perfect workout partner remains elusive, it’s fine to have two or more regular workout buddies. One friend might have a higher fitness level than you, which can help you push past your limits a couple days per week.

With your new commitment to working out and the customized nutritional advice you’ll receive from Texas Medical Weight Loss Center, you’re well on your way to reaching your goal weight. Give us a call today at (972) 762-3403 to become a patient at our medical weight loss clinic. Be sure to ask us about our physician-supervised appetite suppressant program in Frisco.

Could You Have Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

Vitamin B12 is essential for the health of nerve cells, and the production of red blood cells and DNA. Vitamin B12 also plays a key role in the ability of the body to convert food into energy. If you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, consider getting vitamin B12 lipotropic injections to support your medical weight loss efforts. This video explains some of the common signs of this vitamin deficiency.

As you watch this video, you’ll learn that the inhibition of proper nerve function can contribute to pins and needles sensations, blurry vision, double vision, and dizziness. This vitamin deficiency also commonly causes unexplained fatigue, muscle weakness, memory loss, and cognitive impairment.

For individuals with vitamin B12 deficiencies, Texas Medical Weight Loss Center is pleased to offer vitamin B12 lipotropic injections near Frisco. Give us a call today at (972) 762-3403 for information about our effective weight loss program.

Appetite Suppressants and the Importance of FDA Approval

It’s tough to stick to a diet and exercise program when you’re feeling hungry all day long. Appetite suppressant programs can be an invaluable tool for participants in medical weight loss programs. Unfortunately, there are many risky appetite suppressants available on an over-the-counter (OTC) basis. These aren’t FDA-approved and they can have dangerous health effects.

The Basics of FDA Approval

It’s commonly assumed that if a supplement or suppressant product is available on store shelves, it’s safe for use. In fact, it isn’t legally required for dietary supplement companies to obtain FDA approval before they market their products. The FDA can get involved by investigating the product after consumers report health problems from it, but this is a lengthy process. It’s best not to assume that an OTC appetite suppressant has been cleared as safe. This is particularly true when any of the following applies to the OTC product:

  • It claims to be all-natural.
  • It makes unrealistic claims.
  • It’s accompanied by customer testimonials.
  • It’s marketed as “quick and effective.”

The Dangers of Fraudulent Products

When an appetite suppressant that is readily available on store shelves hasn’t been FDA-approved, there is no reassurance that it contains the ingredients listed on the label. Fraudulent appetite suppressants may contain dangerous ingredients, including those that have been banned in the U.S. because they caused harmful side effects. For example, the FDA has banned ephedra because of its potential to cause psychoses, stroke, heart attack, and death. It’s still possible for some fraudulent products to illicitly contain ephedra, also known as ephedrine and ma huang.

The Benefits of Prescription Products

When you go to a medical weight loss clinic, you won’t have to worry about these risks. Your doctor will only prescribe appetite suppressants that have successfully passed the rigorous safety reviews required by the FDA to gain approval. Your doctor will also give you clear instructions regarding how to use the appetite suppressants safely and effectively. Of course, any medical product has the potential to cause some side effects. Your doctor will tell you what to watch out for.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective appetite suppressant program near Frisco, look no further than Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic. Our doctors only prescribe FDA-approved appetite suppressants, and we offer personalized nutritional guidance and exercise counseling. For a supportive weight loss program delivered by compassionate providers, call (972) 762-3403.

Tips for Meal Planning on a Budget

Many people who want to lose weight are intimidated about starting a plan because they think healthy eating is too expensive. In reality, there are plenty of lower cost food options in the grocery store that let you prepare meals that fit into a medical weight loss program without breaking your budget.

One easy way to save money on healthy eating is to buy frozen or canned fruits and vegetables instead of fresh ones. They contain the same nutrients and are much less expensive. If you use canned items, choose low sodium varieties and rinse them before serving. Dried beans and lentils, canned tuna, and frozen seafood are also more affordable variations of healthy foods that you can use to create meals that are compatible with your weight loss goals.

At Texas Medical Weight Loss, you’ll have access to advice from our team of weight loss experts to help you overcome challenges like the cost of purchasing nutritious food. If you are ready to win your battle with obesity, visit our medical weight loss clinic in Frisco. To make an appointment, please call (972) 762-3403.

What Is Body Mass Index?

If you start a weight loss program at a medical weight loss clinic, one term you may encounter is body mass index. Body mass index, or BMI, is a method used to diagnose obesity. It can be helpful in determining what a healthy weight for you is and if you are currently at risk for weight-related medical conditions.

BMI is calculated using your weight and height. Your doctor will divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared to find your BMI. If it is more than 30, your weight will be classified as obese. If it is between 25 and 29.9, you will be classified as overweight. Keep in mind that BMI is just one tool your doctor will use when designing a weight loss program for you.

Let Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic help you lose weight and get healthy with our proven approach to medical weight loss in Frisco. You can find out more about our weight loss and weight maintenance plans by calling (972) 762-3403.

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