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A Beginner's Guide to Weight Loss

Once you’ve made the commitment to weight loss, the next step is deciding where to actually begin. A medical weight loss program in Frisco can be a driving force in your success, so putting the advice of your weight loss team into action is critical. One component of a successful weight loss program is often exercise. Watch this video for tips on beginning with both a new medical weight loss plan and an exercise regime.

First, set yourself up for success. Invest in the things you’ll need, such as new workout clothes, so you feel equipped to tackle your goals. Write out a plan and track your progress. When you need help, ask your medical weight loss team for support. Don’t forget to reward yourself for reaching small goals so you stay motivated.

Appetite Suppressants and Weight Loss: Should They Be Part of Your Plan?

One of the reasons people turn to medical weight loss programs rather than attempting to diet on their own is the access to appetite suppressants offered by weight loss doctors. Appetite suppressants can play a powerful part in weight loss for many people, but are they are right for you? When you attend a consultation for an appetite suppressant program serving Frisco, the team will carefully evaluate you to determine if you are a good candidate for weight loss medications. Here are some of the signs that taking part in an appetite suppressant program could be right for you.

You Experience Constant Hunger

For many people, eating less is not simply about choosing to cut back on portions. Appetite can be a very real issue that has nothing to do with willpower. There are a number of reasons your appetite could make dieting difficult that could sabotage your weight loss program, despite your best efforts. An appetite suppressant can reduce this nagging hunger so that you can stay on track with your eating plan. If you have been trying to reduce portions but still struggle to control your eating habits, an appetite suppressant could be the key to your success.

You Are Generally Healthy

Appetite suppressants used by medical weight loss programs have been tested and are safe for the vast majority of patients. However, some conditions may interfere with some medications. If you have diabetes, heart disease, glaucoma, or you are pregnant or nursing, your doctor will determine if weight loss medications are right for you or if another strategy is better for your overall health.

You Want to Lose a Significant Amount of Weight

Appetite suppressants can be helpful for people with modest weight loss goals, but they are often extremely beneficial for people committing to long-term weight loss plans. A suppressant may be able to help you cut calories more quickly so that you see results faster. Seeing the numbers on the scale go down can be important motivation as you move towards your goals.

What Are the Benefits of Lipo-B Injections?

When you visit a clinic for medical weight loss, you’ll learn about various strategies that can help you shed the pounds quickly and keep them off for good. One of these strategies is vitamin B12 lipotropic injections. The Lipo-B injection is a specially formulated solution of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These injections provide essential support for your body while you’re losing weight.

When you slash calories from your diet to shed the pounds, you’re also cutting out key nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Lipo-B injections ensure that your body receives the nutrients it needs without increasing your caloric intake. This means that despite your reduced-calorie diet, you’ll feel energized. Lipo-B injections also support the health of your liver, which is a vital organ that performs the important job of removing fat and toxins.

Vitamin B12 lipotropic injections near Frisco are just one of the many premier services you’ll find at Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic. Call our weight loss clinic today at (972) 762-3403 to find out more about our weight loss program.

The Patient's Guide to Restylane

Restylane is actually a family of products that can help you achieve your facial beauty goals. Restylane is a specially formulated clear gel comprised of hyaluronic acid. The products offer wrinkle repair treatment and skin rejuvenation. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally found in the body. This means that Restylane is naturally synthesized and patients do not need to undergo allergy testing before receiving this dermal filler.

What Can Restylane Accomplish?

Not only can Restylane fill in fine lines and deeper wrinkles, it can give your face an overall refreshed appearance. Restylane can be used to create more pleasing skin contours and to plump up sunken areas of the face. Some of the most common uses for Restylane include filling in the nasolabial folds, eliminating the wrinkles between the eyebrows, and adding volume and shape to the lips. Restylane can contour the cheeks and chin. The injections can also rejuvenate the skin on the back of the hands, neck, and décolletage.

What Happens During a Treatment Session?

When you arrive at the clinic, you’ll have a consultation before receiving the injections. You’ll discuss your medical history and your goals for your appearance. The provider will design recommendations for your treatment. Then, he or she will use a very fine needle to inject small amounts of the clear gel into your skin. You may receive multiple injections, depending on your goals. Typically, the entire appointment takes only about 30 minutes.

What Should I Expect Afterward?

You’ll be able to enjoy the results of Restylane treatment instantly. You can immediately return to your usual activities. You may feel a little discomfort, swelling, and redness in the treated areas. However, these side effects are typically minimal and resolve within a few days. Your results may last six to nine months before you’ll need a follow-up treatment.

As you’re working toward your weight loss goals with the help of Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic, consider pampering yourself with our cosmetic services. We’re pleased to offer Botox and Restylane near Frisco to help you look as young as you feel. Give us a call today at (972) 762-3403 to set up an appointment.

See What It Is Really Like to Get Botox

Botox is an effective wrinkle repair treatment that can take years off your appearance. It acts on the nerves that control your facial muscles, which prevents the formation of wrinkles temporarily.

If you’ve heard about the benefits of Botox, but still aren’t quite sure if it is right for you, consider watching this video. It features a dermatologist who answers questions from three women who are about to have Botox injections. The video also demonstrates how Botox is injected and what the results look like three days after the injections.

If you’re interested in having Botox in Frisco, contact Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic at (972) 762-3403. Be sure to ask us about our medical weight loss program.

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